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Shower, Bath & Tile Cleaner (750ml)
Multi-purpose Cleaner (750ml)
Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner (500ml)
Pre-wash Stain Remover (750ml)
Floor Cleaner (750ml)
Air Freshener – Orange (125ml)
Air Freshener – Lemon Myrtle (125ml)
Air Freshener – Lime (125ml)
Air Freshener – Lavender (125ml)
Sticky Spot & Goo Dissolver (110ml)
Dishwash Concentrate (500ml) Select Stores only
Furniture Polish (250ml)
3x Laundry Powder (1kg)
3x Laundry Liquid (800ml)
Sensitive Laundry Powder (1kg)
Sensitive Laundry Powder (1.5kg)
Sensitive Laundry Powder (2kg)
Eco-Choice Laundry Powder (1.5kg)
Sensitive Laundry Liquid (825ml)
Sensitive Pre-Wash Stain Remover (500ml)
Sensitive Air Freshener – Lavender & Vanilla (275ml)
Sensitive Air Freshener – Bergamot & Mandarin (275ml)
Sensitive Multi-Surface Cleaner (500ml)
Sensitive Shower, Basin & Bath Cleaner (500ml)
Vanity & Shower Cleaner – Blood Orange & West Indian Lime (500ml)
Multi-Purpose Cleaner – Lemongrass & Australian Myrtle (500ml)
Fridge, Dishwasher & Bin Cleaner – Vanilla Bean & Garden Mint (500ml)
Air Freshener & Linen Spray – Grapefruit & Pomegranate (200ml)
Air Freshener & Linen Spray – Lemongrass & Cedarwood (200ml)
Pure Soy Candle – West Indian Lime & Coconut (200g)
Pure Soy Candle – French Pear & Cinnamon Bark (200g)
Pure Soy Candle – Sweet Pea & Jasmine (200g)
Pure Soy Candle – Lemongrass & Cedarwood (200g)
Dishwashing Liquid – Seasonal Scents West Indian Lime & Coconut (500ml)
Dishwashing Liquid – Lemongrass & Green Tea (500ml)
Drain Unblocked & Odour Eliminator (450g)

*Various larger independents like Supa IGA, Foodland, Farmer Jacks, 7-Eleven etc may not stock all of our range, so please check your local retailer in store for further details.

If you can’t find any of our products in a store near you and want to buy them ONLINE, you can use the Coles or Woolworths ONLINE sites or simply give us a call or email us and we will advise your best options.

Alternatively, all Actizyme products are available directly through our online shop on the Actizyme website.

If you can’t find a particular product of ours at your local supermarket, please contact the major supermarkets on these details or ask your local store manager why they don’t stock the product you’re after:

woolworths-logo Website or call 1300 767 969

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