The Ultimate Home Deep Clean Check List – Room by Room

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Much like your gut health, diet and mental health; when your house has reached its “I can’t take it any more” level, it’s time to detox and give it a thorough deep clean. It may seem like a daunting task, but it’s easier than you might think with the right tips, tricks and check lists!

Follow our 4 room-specific steps and you’ll have a sparkling clean home that will pass a white-glove inspection in no time.

The Ultimate Home Deep Clean Check List – Room by Room


1. Launder the Bedding. Wash the bed skirt, duvet covers and pillows. Give them an extra spin cycle to make drying faster. Dry down pillows on low-setting and throw clean tennis balls into the dryer to prevent clumping; dry synthetics outdoors.

2. Freshen the Mattress. While your bed is disassembled, sprinkle baking soda on the mattress, let it sit for an hour, then vacuum it up using the hose attachment. Flip or rotate the mattress per the manufacturer’s advice and repeat.

Bonus Points: Pull out the clothes you didn’t wear this past season and bag them for donation.

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The Ultimate Home Deep Clean Check List – Room by Room


1. Polish the Cabinets. After you wipe down all the exposed tops, cut newspaper to fit them. The paper collects the dust, so next time all you’ll have to do is replace the paper. Genius! Next, wipe the doors front and back with a Multi-Purpose Spray.

2. Deep Clean Appliances. Empty the fridge then wipe it down. Do the same for the stove, dishwasher, bin and other small appliances. Pull them out from the wall to clean the surrounding walls and the floor. Use a spot remover for any stubborn marks and stains

3. Tidy the Countertops. Move everything off the counters, clean and dry them and the backsplash thoroughly, then return only what you use daily. Find hidden spots for everything else.

Bonus Points: Take everything off your pantry shelves and wipe them down.

The Ultimate Home Deep Clean Check List – Room by Room


1. Clean All Taps and Surfaces. Move all your bathroom essentials out of the way. Use a Bathroom Cleaning Spray to wipe down all chrome tap ware, mirrors, basins, cabinets and vanity. Move only what you use daily back in its spot, and find a home for everything else so it’s neat and out of the way.

2. Make Shower Doors Sparkle. To get rid of water spots and soap scum, spray a citrus based cleaner onto the glass panels for a few seconds before wiping down.

3. Clean the Toilet. Leave your toilet bowl hygienically clean and sparkling with an antibacterial toilet gel. Squeeze, scrub and flush. Blocked drains? Use a natural enzyme-based drain cleaner to unclog and avoid a smelly situation.

Bonus Points: Bring order to the chaos under the sink. Pull everything out, throw out what doesn’t belong there, wipe down what does, and put it all back by category.
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The Ultimate Home Deep Clean Check List – Room by Room

Living Room

1. Give the Floors and Carpets a Clean. Use a gentle but powerful floor and carpet cleaner to thoroughly clean all floors and carpets. This applies to all areas of the house.

2. Dust Under the Electronics. There’s no need unhook and move everything, just get one of those ultra-skinny dusting wands and run it under the components.

3. Launder the Cushions and Throws. Take all of the decorative throws and scatter cushions off the sofa and armchairs, and add them to the laundry pile.

4. Wipe it Down. All surfaces could do with a quick and easy wipe down. Clean the coffee tables, shelves, entertainment units, dining tables, book cases with an easy to use multi-purpose cleaning wipe. Once all surfaces are wiped, pop a candle or reed diffuser down and treat yourself to a relaxing botanical scent after a job well done.

Bonus Points: Take a good look at the DVDs, CDs, video games, and other media tucked behind closed doors. Donate or sell it for some extra cash. Take all framed artwork and photos down and
dust them front and back using a damp microfibre cloth.


Cleaning Caddy: What’s in your arsenal?

  • Clean paintbrushes (for dusting delicate items
  • Gloves
  • Lint roller (for lampshades and upholstery)
  • Microfiber cloths (both multipurpose and glass-only)
  • Microfiber mop with covers for different types of floors
  • Nylon nonscratch scrub pad
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Stiff-bristled, toothbrush-size brush (for shower door tracks, drains, etc.)
  • Telescoping pole with cobweb, microfibre, and squeegee attachments