Are these toxins lurking in your home?

are these toxins in your home actizyme aware environmental

From checking the labels on our food products to opting for natural skincare, many of us have become more conscious of what we’re putting in (and on) our bodies in recent years. It’s a great thing to be aware of, given that exposure to pollutants and toxins has been linked to everything from respiratory, liver and thyroid problems to various types of cancer. But despite our best intentions to eliminate toxins from our lives, the worst culprits may be lurking right under our noses. Research shows that the average person receives 72% of their toxic exposure at home.

While it’s rather alarming to think that your safe haven could actually be making you sick, the good news is it’s easy to minimise your exposure to toxins. By becoming aware of the most common sources of pollutants in the home, you can swap them out for non-toxic alternatives. Here are some of the most common culprits:

toxic paint fumes what is safe for your hom 1. Paint

You only need to take a quick whiff of paint to realise it’s probably not great for your health. But it’s not only fresh paint fumes that can be harmful. If your space isn’t well-ventilated, the toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in most paint can hang around in your space for many months. Next time you’re doing up your home, keep an eye out for non-toxic, zero VOC paints.

organic choice safe ecofriendly cleaning products2. Cleaning products

If you’ve ever cleaned your home, then you’re probably unwittingly released a cocktail of toxic chemicals into your space. Most cleaning products contain chlorine and ammonia. While these are effective for removing grime and stains, they’ve been linked to many different health issues. Organic Choice’s range of cleaning products are just as effective but are naturally derived – so they’re a much better choice for you and for the environment! Available at Coles supermarkets.

old furniture what is safe for your home aware environmental3. Furniture

If you’re sitting on a chair or sofa right now, you may want to stand up to read this! Most upholstered furniture is coated in flame retardant — which may fire-proof your home but ironically makes it far more toxic. The cushion filling and chemical treatment on the fabric can also be cause for concern, too. You can find information on selecting non-toxic furniture here.

drain cleaner eco friendly safe actizyme4. Drain cleaner

Given that you have to wear gloves to use drain cleaner, it’s hardly surprising that most variations are full of extremely dangerous chemicals. Even with minimal exposure, the toxins it emit can be harmful not only to your health but to the environment, too. Plus, most caustic drain cleaners actually kill off the good enzymes in your septic system, which leads to the return of unpleasant odours and more blocking. A great alternative is our Actizyme Unblocker. Not only is it safe, natural and eco-friendly, they’re actually a better long term solution to traditional drain cleaners. Actizyme is available at major supermarkets.