Top tips for environmentally sustainable grocery shopping

The habits you have surrounding grocery shopping make a much larger impact on the environment than you may realise, and contribute huge amounts to your spending. Here are some handy tips to keep it sustainable next time you hit the grocery shopping!

Ditch the plastic bags

 1. Ditch the plastic bags

Now I’m sure everyone has heard this before – plastic is BAD for the environment. According to Clean Up Australia we use an estimated five BILLION plastic bags annually, that’s just over 13 million new bags being used daily. It doesn’t matter how many times a week you hit the store – those bad boys make a huge impact. Use a tote bag from home or purchase some green bags and try try TRY to get into the habit of always taking them with you. A good way to remember is to put a note at your door, or put the bags back in your car as soon as you unload your groceries.
Buy Local

 2. Buy Local

Buying food from your local farmer’s market means you’re getting the freshest produce which has required less transportation to get there. It’s great for the environment and you know where your money is going. Buying local also means you’re eating with the seasons and your food will be more flavoursome and less expensive. So look up your closest farmer’s market and try and make a time to go each week and stock up!

Look for products with minimal packaging

 3. Look for products with minimal packaging

You just want to access that tea bag but there’s at LEAST fifty layers of packaging?! Argh! Just don’t even. All that packaging is terrible for the environment and will just go straight to the bin. Look for products with minimal packaging, preferably bio-plastic or a sustainable material. Save frustration and the planet!

Consider Car Use

4. Consider your car use

If you’re off to do a big shop it’s a bit of a challenge to carry or bike those groceries home – totally understandable! You also might live in an area where you live a long way from the store or market. When you do go grocery shopping try and car pool with friends or family to save money and energy, you can also plan your shopping around other activities which require the car so you don’t have to go out several times.

There you have it – these small changes will make a huge impact on your eco-footprint. Now green up those groceries and happy shopping everyone!

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