The “Tiny House” movement – what is it?

Tiny living… small houses… what is the tiny house movement? Simply put, the tiny house movement is the movement toward people downsizing their houses to live a more environmentally sustainable, less costly, and less time-consuming lifestyle. Generally, “tiny” houses are 37 square metres or less, the next size up from the tiny house is a “small” house, which is up to 90 square metres. To put this in perspective, the average Australian home is around 240 square metres, which in comparison, does makes a small house look tiny!

the tiny house movement tiny home australia

How did the tiny house gain popularity?

The tiny house movement originated in the US, gaining the most attention when they were used to house hurricane Katrina victims and also during the economic depression in 2008 (when tiny homes offered affordable, ecologically friendly housing options). Tiny houses furthered in popularity after the 2007-2008 global financial crisis, when people were looking for more affordable housing options. In Australia, there are now several Tiny House building companies, with people usually looking to downsize for financial reasons. In a world driven by consumerism, people also want the opportunity to live a more simple and sustainable lifestyle, living for experiences rather than material possessions.

The benefits

Tiny Houses greatly benefit the environment, using less heat and cooling they significantly reducing a person’s eco-footprint. This by extension promotes financial prudence and economic safety. Tiny houses also greatly benefit people socially, they allow people to downsize and stay in their community, building in the backyards of family members properties, or on a small affordable piece of land. They also greatly benefit young people who can’t get into the housing market but need to live in a certain area for social or employment reasons. Overall, tiny homes offers the dweller a less cluttered, simply lifestyle that reduces ecological impacts.

tiny home

How do I get a tiny house?

 There are several tiny house building companies in Australia, so research, research, research! A tiny house can usually cost between $55k – $90k depending on the size. Fun fact: in the US you can order a tiny house and have it delivered to you from Amazon!

Have you ever considered living in a tiny home?