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We have received an overwhelming response from our Orangutan Adventure of a Lifetime Competition since launching! Thank you for supporting Aware Environmental’s range of palm oil free products. Your small contribution makes a huge impact on the environment and its precious inhabitants. As you know, we work with The Orangutan Project to protect endangered wild orangutans against extinction. This involves supporting the rescue, rehabilitation and eventual release of orangutans into the wild.

You may have noticed the beautiful orangutan featured on our Adventure of a Lifetime Competition poster. Her name is Popi and this is her story…

Popi was confiscated from a family in East Kalimantan in September 2016 by the Centre for Orangutan Protection. Popi’s mother was likely killed by palm oil plantation works and then sold illegally as a pet. She was estimated to be only 8 weeks old when she was rescued.

Orangutan infants rely solely on their mother for nutrition and comfort. Popi would have been highly traumatized from losing her mother and then held in totally unsuitable conditions as a pet. Popi had no teeth and would often cry.

After rescuing Popi, a full-time baby sitter was provided for her, just as she would have 24/7 love and care from her own mother in the wild. Popi would cry if her baby sitter wasn’t in view. As well as her full-time carer, two vets also helped to look after tiny Popi.

Today, Popi has come a long way since her rescue. After a few months she could hold her milk bottle on her own and she began to stand on her own. She now socializes with other orangutans and she is learning to climb.

Thanks to the amazing work at The Orangutan Project, Popi is currently healthy and growing well at the Centre for Orangutan Protection Rehabilitation Centre in East Kalimantan.

Popi is one of the orangutans that the Aware Environmental team currently adopt and sponsor, and we are proud to share her journey with you. Follow us on Facebook to keep updated with Popi’s journey,

You can help Popi find her jungle freedom by adopting her to help support jungle school training, food and medical costs and intensive post-release monitoring to ensure that she is safe and thriving in her true jungle home. You will receive regular updates on Popi’s progress as she is cared for in our facilities, with the hope of eventually returning to the jungle.

This post was made in collaboration with The Orangutan Project. To sponsor Popi click here.

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