Aware Environmental x The Orangutan Project Partnership Announcement

Aware-The orangutan project partnership announcement

The team at Aware Environmental are very proud to announce our Corporate Partnership with The Orangutan Project!

Our collective stance on PALM OIL FREE products creates a strong foundation for our partnership so we can stand in solidarity to help the environment.

Through a 3-year sponsorship, Aware Environmental is able to make a direct contribution and impact to The Orangutan Project’s amazing work in the rescue, rehabilitation and re-release program for orangutans in Indonesia.

“Unsustainable forms of agriculture such as palm oil, are passing-on the true cost of production onto the powerless: indigenous communities, local communities, third world nations and future generations. The most powerless are the persons, that due to prejudice, are not even recognized as such – orangutans. Together with ethical companies such as Aware Environmental, The Orangutan Project is working to save the orangutan’s home for the benefit of all.” – Leif Cocks, Founder and President of The Orangutan Project

the orangutan project aware environmental partnership

About The Orangutan Project

The Orangutan Project was established in 1998 by founder and world-renowned orangutan expert, Leif Cocks, as a result of his 25+ year career working with orangutans – including establishing the most successful breeding colony of orangutans in the world.

The Orangutan Project was formed with a key mission; to ensure that endangered wild orangutan species would be protected against extinction, and would continue to live in secure populations for generations to come.

Over the next ten years The Orangutan Project wants to increase the number of wild orangutans under permanent protection to 8,000 to ensure all distinct populations of orangutans survive indefinitely. This requires TOP to secure 1,800 km2 of prime lowland forest and protect it with 180 Wildlife Protection Rangers.

Today, The Orangutan Project is a dynamic, fast-growing and successful not-for-profit organisation that supports a wide range of critical projects that address the holistic problem facing remaining fragmented orangutan populations – including fighting deforestation and habitat loss at the highest level.

The projects funded by The Orangutan Project not only include direct orangutan conservation, such as orangutan rescue, rehabilitation and release programs, but also forest habitat protection and regeneration, education, research and local community partnerships. Tying funding into direct outcomes for the species has enabled The Orangutan Project to partner with the majority of orangutan conservation projects operating on the ground today in Borneo and Sumatra.

With the support of sponsors, donors and corporate partnerships, The Orangutan Project has achieved landmark breakthroughs. Read More Here

the orangutan project aware environmental partnership

Our Shared Values

The Orangutan Project and Aware Environmental are extremely passionate about advocating for the use of alternatives to palm oil.

The precious wildlife that The Orangutan Project rescue and rehabilitate are directly impacted by deforestation due to palm oil sourcing. The widespread deforestation in places like Borneo and Sumatra have forced many species to the brink of extinction. Alarmingly, an estimated 1000 to 5000 orangutans are killed each year for the development of palm oil.

For this reason, Aware Environmental is serious and dedicated to intentionally sourcing and using alternatives to palm oil in all our product ranges. As a company, we must do our part to lessen the impact palm oil use has on the environment, wildlife and communities. Supporting PALM OIL FREE products is an easy first step into making environmentally conscious decisions about your everyday purchases.

To read more about what is palm oil and the reason we are a palm oil free company, read our recent blog post here

“We are really excited to be partnering with The Orangutan Project. For many years, we have been trying to educate people about the problems with using Palm oil  or Palm oil derivatives in ingredients typically used in cleaning, air care, laundry and other household consumer products. We are working closely with Leif and his dedicated team to bring this issue to even more consumers, as this is the only way we are going to reduce the destruction caused by deforestation and the subsequent loss of species like the magnificent Orangutans. Choosing to use palm oil alternatives is more costly, but we believe this is the right thing to do and we have had much support from consumers over the years. Our products have been Palm Oil free for many years now and we passionately believe that with your support we can and are making a difference.” – Andrew Chaney, Managing Director of Aware Environmental

the orangutan project aware environmental partnership

Together we can make a Difference

Your support will allow us to continue providing the ONLY PALM OIL FREE options in cleaning & laundry ranges nationally in major supermarkets, which are often under threat of deletion.

Aware Environmental has been very dedicated to the palm oil free cause for many years and your support for our product ranges directly helps us assist The Orangutan Project to do more good work.

You can make your environmentally-conscious vote count by looking out for our products on the supermarket shelf. [ insert 4 logos of our brands]

You can also make a donation to The Orangutan Project here