The Orangutan Project #PalmOilFree

The team at Aware Environmental work closely with The Orangutan Project to help raise awareness of the destruction of the Orangutan’s natural habitat caused by excessive deforestation of the Palm Kernel Oil plant that is used in the manufacture of many food and laundry items.

The Orangutan Project was established in 1998 and formed with a key mission; to ensure that endangered wild orangutan species would be protected against extinction, and would continue to live in secure populations for generations to come.

Since its establishment, The Orangutan Project has contributed more than $8,700,000 directly into orangutan conservation projects and has earned a reputation amongst its partners and donors for being financially responsible and transparent, with 100% of all donations and orangutan adoptions monies raised going straight into the field.

We try our hardest in everything that we do at Aware Environmental to create a safer and ‘greener’ environment, and one of our main focuses are dedicating ourselves to sourcing alternatives to Palm Oil and Palm Oil derived materials for all of our products. This often means we need to spend a bit more on the materials we use, therefore our products cost more to make. But it is more than worth it in the end, because our customers are loyal people who support our products and share our values – and because the products have proven to work consistently! By working with The Orangutan Project we are all helping to save these innocent creatures from their almost imminent extinction.

Aware Environmental have 3 adopted orangutans – Septian, Rocky and Rickina. On behalf of these beautiful animals, and everybody involved in this project – we want to thank you for your part in their release and rehabilitation. We’ve love to share their story with you all.

Septian has been released!

Septian has been released! orangutan, the orangutan project, palm oil free, adopted orangutan

One of our beautiful adopted Orangutans, Septian, has been released into the forest at the Jantho Reserve in the province of Aceh.

Septian was transferred to the pre-release cages at the Jantho release site in Aceh on April 16th 2016.
He spent a few weeks in the cages with other orangutans so he could adapt to the climate and surroundings. Septian and the other orangutans were given jungle foods and termites to eat, and he was keen to try most of these foods which was very positive.

Septian is adapting to his new forest life very well. He is staying near the other released orangutans and he sometimes comes back to the cages. He is already eating wild fruit and building nests in the canopy, both vital skills for a wild orangutan to have. He is being monitored very closely and given supplement food while he adapts to forest living.

Rocky & Rickina

orangutan, the orangutan project, palm oil free, adopted orangutan rocky and rickina

Rocky & Rickina, our two adorable adopted Orangutans, are both doing very well in their rehabilitation.

Rocky has moved to Monkey Island, the newest island at the West Kalimantan rescue centre. He still comes back to the cages at night, as he is not yet comfortable enough to spend the night in the forest on his own. He is getting very big, having grown quickly in the last six months, which may be due to him being one of the best foragers on Monkey Island!

Rickina is one of the smartest orangutans at the centre, and has really progressed in the last few months, after getting over the fever that plagued her last year and saw her lose considerable weight. She is one of the best climbers out of the young orangutans at the centre, and she is rarely seen on the ground, preferring to stay at least 5 or 6 metres up in the canopy.
If you would like to know more about the important work The Orangutan Project does, or if you’d like to find out more about our adorable Orangutans Septian, Rocky and Rickina and how they are coming along in the safety of their sanctuaries, please visit The Orangutan Project website at

For more information about what we stand for and believe in here at Aware Environmental, please read more here.

We are really proud of what we do here and you should be too!

Thank you for choosing and supporting #PalmOilFree.

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