Help Protect Orangutans from Extinction

We are very passionate about producing palm oil free products and supporting the work of our partners at The Orangutan Project. Together with The Orangutan Project, our mission is to prevent the extinction of precious orangutans in the wild.

To witness the ramifications of using palm oil is heartbreaking. Palm oil is used in every day products, from lipstick to ice-cream, detergent to margarine. The scale of palm oil production is so huge that it severely impacts the environment and wildlife where palm oil is sourced from.

Because palm oil is extremely unsustainable to grow and produce, it often comes at the cost of cutting down rainforests. Deforestation emits a huge amount of smoke into the atmosphere, and slashing and burning rainforests has become a major contributor of climate change. It is estimated that over 300 football fields of rainforest are destroyed every hour to make way for palm oil plantations!

With loss of habitat comes loss of life. Widespread deforestation has forced many species to the brink of extinction, including elephants, rhinos, tigers and orangutans. One third of all mammal species in Indonesia are currently endangered due to losing their homes. The United Nations predicts that most of Indonesia’s rainforest could be destroyed by 2022. Alarmingly, in Borneo and Sumatra, an estimated 1000 to 5000 orangutans are killed each year for the development of palm oil.

This is the very reason Aware Environmental products are proudly palm oil free. We thank you for supporting our brands Aware Sensitive, Orange Power and Organic Choice to ensure they remain on shelves at your nearest Coles and Woolworths.

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This post is proudly brought to you by our partners The Orangutan Project. To find out more about their work in the rescue, rehabilitation and release of orangutans or to make a donation, click here

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