The Dangerous Impacts of Palm Oil Production

Aware Environmental and all of our ranges are proudly palm oil free. Due to the devastating impact the overproduction of Palm Oil is having on animals, the environment and people, our team feel very strongly about never using palm oil or palm oil derivatives in any of our products. Here are some of the dangerous impacts of Palm Oil production:

The dangerous impacts of Palm Oil production

1. Loss of habitat for endangered species

Unsustainable palm oil production has caused large-scale devastation for rainforests. As a result, there has been widespread habitat loss for a range of species, including endangered species such as elephants, tigers and orangutans. Safe spaces intended for endangered species, such as national parks, have been widely overrun with illegal Palm Oil plantations as the global demand heightens.

Note: we are dedicated to assisting our friends at The Orangutan Project in their plight to rescue and rehabilitate orangutans in Borneo and Sumatra. When you support our products, you are supporting their amazing organisation and mission to help and protect these precious endangered animals.


The dangerous impacts of Palm Oil production

2. Water, soil and air pollution 

To clear forests for Palm Oil plantations, burning is the most common method. The fires set to clear plantations are difficult to extinguish, which pollutes water, soil and air and has heath consequences for people. Pesticides and fertilisers can also contribute to vast water pollution from Palm Oil Plantations.


The dangerous impacts of Palm Oil production

3. Climate change

Land change from the clearing of rainforest to make room for Palm Oil plantations has a surface warming effect, increasing the rate of climate change in South East Asia regions. The burning of rainforests also contributes to climate change, as the forest fires release huge amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.


The dangerous impacts of Palm Oil production

 4. Social consequences

While the global Palm Oil market is creating an opportunity to bring communities out of poverty, many communities have been displaced and mistreated in the process. There are reports of land being stolen and people hugely underpaid for labour, contributing to a loss of income, conflict and a huge impact on social welfare.

Tip: Always look for the ingredients list on the back of every day supermarket products you consume. You can use the Palm Oil Investigators Barcode Scanner App to check if a product contains palm oil!