Bust the “I’m bored” and get them into the garden!

It can be tough sometimes to keep the little ones occupied during the School Holidays.

A fun and educational activity you can do is a spot of gardening. Whether in a garden bed or a container, it encourages outdoor play and allows children to experience the beauty of nature.

With National Tree Day fast approaching, now is the perfect time to get down and dirty in the garden.

Watching plants grow from seeds or seedlings teaches children about our environment. It also gives them a sense responsibility. Each day they have to venture out, water their plants and then exercise patience. Eventually, they will feel a sense of pride when they have helped to grow a beautiful flower or something they can eat.

Some of the quickest and easiest things to grow include:

Sunflowers: Kids love their big, bright yellow flowers and when grown from seeds, they sprout after just one week. After about eight weeks, the kids should be able to marvel at the beautiful blooms they grew.

Lettuce: Egg and lettuce sandwiches, yum! If you plant seedlings of lettuce varieties suitable to your area, you can be picking off leaves to eat after 4 to 6 weeks, with a full head of lettuce available for the dinner table in around three months.

Tomatoes: These lovely, red balls of yumminess can be grown all year round in sub-tropical climates as they like warm, dry conditions in Winter. Most varieties are fast growing and the kids will love picking them and adding them to their lunchboxes.

Strawberries: Just about every kid loves to eat strawberries and they are a great crop to start growing in Winter. They grow fast, are great for pots and flowers should start to appear in early Spring and continue to produce fruit right through Summer.

So why not get the kids out of the house and into the sunshine. By planting your own little crop, you will not only be teaching them about the environment, but you’ll also save your sanity during these school holidays