The Best 6 Apps to Download if You’re Trying to Go Green

The best 5 apps to download if you’re trying to go green

Many of us have good intentions to live ‘greener’ lives. But let’s face it: when life gets busy, making sustainable choices isn’t always going to your highest priority. Sometimes, you just don’t have time to scan through hundreds of brands at the supermarket to find the most ethical and environmentally friendly ones — you just grab whatever is on special. It happens to the best of us! Thankfully, you don’t have to completely overhaul your lifestyle to be more sustainable. Just by making a few simple changes, you can drastically reduce your carbon footprint and be more eco-friendly. And thankfully, there are loads of apps that make it super easy and fun to go green. Here are 6 of our favourites:

1. JouleBug
Everything is way more entertaining when you turn it into a game — including being more sustainable! JouleBug does exactly that by allowing you to earn points by competing with friends and family in various eco-friendly challenges. Think air-drying your clothes instead of putting them in the dryer or actually remembering to do the recycling. It’s perfect for competitive types!

Download JouleBug here (iPhone) and here (Android)

2. Good On You
This app is a directory of ethical clothing across Australia, New Zealand and the US. With an extensive database of over 1000 brands, it allows you to check how sustainable and cruelty-friendly your favourite labels are. And if it turns out their values don’t quite align with yours, it will recommend similar, more ethical alternatives.

Download Good On You here (iPhone) or here (Android)

3. Shop Ethical!
Let’s be honest — there’s no point having a wardrobe full of ethical clothes if everything else in your home is unsustainable. That’s where the Shop Ethical! app comes in. Similar to Good On You, it’s a database of over 5000 products rated on their sustainability. It covers everything from food to household supplies and electronics and has a super handy barcode scanner feature to make ethical shopping easier.

Download Shop Ethical! here (iPhone) or here (Android)

4. Love Your Leftovers
Research shows that Australians throw out $8 billion of edible food each year. Yikes! Not only are we literally throwing money down the drain, it’s a waste of the resources required to get the food onto your plane. This handy app was created by the NSW government to help solve the food wastage issue. Basically, you put in which leftover ingredients you have in the fridge and it will list some mouth-watering recipes you can whip up with them!

Download Love Your Leftovers here (iPhone) or here (Android)

5. Energy Rating
Not only can this app help you reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, it can also cut your electricity bills in half. Yes, really! When most of us select our household appliances, we look at the price on the sticker. But what most of us don’t consider is the second price-tag — the energy rating (aka. how much energy it uses.) The Energy Rating app helps you decode this label and compare the running costs of appliances.

Download Energy Rating here (iPhone) or here (Android)

6. Palm Oil Investigators
Being palm oil free is very important to us and we are proud to recommend the POI scanner app that has been developed by the amazing team at Palm Oil Investigators. Find out more about why all Aware Environmental products are palm oil free.

With over 150,000 products already loaded onto the app and counting, you can now scan a product and find out valuable insight into how the product has been manufactured.

As the palm oil supply chain and certification system is extremely complex, they have simplified it into 4 categories; palm oil investigators POI app
Find out more and download the POI scanner here (Android only)