5 ways to be water wise this summer!

Even though it’s the end of summer, it’s always a good idea to conserve water no matter the season.

With an increasing number of droughts and unpredictable weather – it’s more important than ever to conserve water for the planet! Even if you don’t live in a region affected by drought, decreasing your water use will help out your bills and preserve the scarce resource.

Here are 5 tips for saving water this summer!

5 ways to be water wise this summer!

1. Fix that tap!

Did you know a leaky tap wastes an estimated 15 litres per day?! It may seem annoying to get a leaky tap fixed – but in the long run it will save the planet and your money. A good way to check if you have any leaks is to compare your bills to previous ones and the houses around you, making sure they are similar.

5 ways to be water wise this summer!

2. Water the garden early in the morning and use a watering can

A simple habit change of watering your garden early in the morning means less water evaporation from the hot sun. Never water in the middle of the day – the water will evaporate so fast it’s basically pointless! If you don’t get up early, then later in the evening is the second-best time to feed those plants. It’s also been found that using a watering can is vastly more effective, the slow flow of the water will give plants time to actually absorb it – rather than flooding them with a fast hose.

5 ways to be water wise this summer!

3. Don’t shower multiple times a day

We get it – it’s HOT out there. But showering multiple times a day will only cost your bills and the environment – plus that cool feeling is very temporary. Try and keep it to one shower a day and if you are feeling increasingly hot, hit the pool or the beach, use a cooling towel and stay hydrated!

5 ways to be water wise this summer!

4. Install water efficient devices

Did you know most local water councils will offer you to swap your old shower heads for new ones – for free! Switching to water-efficient shower heads is one of the simplest ways to reduce your environmental impact, water use and energy bills. Contact your water provider and check out those deals!

5 ways to be water wise this summer!

5. Start a compost pile!

Using compost on your garden actually adds water holding organic matter to vegetable or garden beds. Put a bucket outside or get another bin to start putting compost in, this will also reduce food waste and have your garden looking fab!

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