6 ways your home can improve your happiness

5 ways your home can improve your happiness

Did you know the way your home looks, feels and smells can greatly impact your mood? And it’s the little things that count, too. There’s no greater feeling than relaxing at home, especially when the dishes are done, laundry is folded, the candle is burning in the background and you’re putting your feet up – ready to enjoy a magazine and hot tea.

There are a few small changes you can make around the house in your spare time to instantly lift your mood when you’re at home.

Here are six ways to make your spare time even more rewarding and improve your happiness at home!

5 ways your home can improve your happiness
1. Organizing

The science says mess = stress. So if you want to feel calm and happy in your home, getting organised is the number one thing to do. Try and take a few minutes when you leave your home to make sure your house is neat and tidy so when you arrive home later you can relax and not have to be disrupted by the small mess in the corner, or the little pile of dishes slowly making their way up to a mountain in the kitchen sink. It’s also important (for your sanity!) to make sure every thing you own has a home in your home. A simple tray near the doorway is a great place to fit your keys, coins, cards and head phones – all in the one place and ready for the next time you head out the door. No more wild goose chases around the house trying to find those keys!

5 ways your home can improve your happiness
2. Colour

Think about the shades painted on your walls. Colour can have a huge effect on your mood. Have a look around your bedroom and think about how the colour makes you feel, if the answer is not so fab, think about getting it re-painted! This can be a fun activity to do with friends or your partner. Put a day aside, pick a new colour and get crafty.

5 ways your home can improve your happiness
3. Add some plants

Ah, indoor plants… they are all the rage right now, and for good reason. According to psychology today, to put it simply – plants make you feel BETTER. Having plants around you can reduce stress, improve concentration and reduce anxiety and make you feel happier. A good idea is to hit up a plant sale or a plant warehouse and get your house decked out. Remember to choose your indoor plants carefully and research how to keep them alive – no one’s going to feel happier with dead plants hanging around the house.

5 ways your home can improve your happiness
4. Sentimental items

What makes a house a home? The personal touches that make it unique to you and your family! It’s important to have good quality items in your home (the longer it takes to replace an investment item, the better it is for the environment in the long run) – but personal touches definitely don’t have to break the bank. One of the keys to happiness is filling your space with sentimental items and be surrounded by happy memories to remind you of the good times. Grab some cheap picture frames from a vintage store or second hand store, get some photos of your favourite memories printed and display them around the house – it will increase your mood and your happiness every time you walk past.

5 ways your home can improve your happiness5. Make your bed

A decluttered bed makes for a decluttered space. A decluttered space makes for a decluttered mind. A decluttered mind makes for a decluttered life. You get the point…
The secret to building good habits start with your own bed! Spending a few minutes every day to neaten up your bed eventually becomes a morning ritual. You may find that other good habits will naturally follow, once you’ve nailed the first step (you gotta start somewhere and a small space like your bedroom is a good place to start!). You’ll feel proud of your neat and tidy bed, and naturally you’ll want to keep your clothes off the floor and suddenly, dusting also becomes a compulsory custom. Once you start to realise how quickly you can finish these tasks, you may begin to take these habits into other parts of the house, like the kitchen and lounge room. Before you know it, your whole house will go on to feel like a wonderful, restful retreat.

5 ways your home can improve your happiness
6. Find your signature scents

Who knew smell can affect your mood so much?! Burning a candle or opening some reed diffusers doesn’t have to be costly and will last an extremely long time. Choose a scent you like and pop a candle or diffuser in your bedroom and throughout your home. It will make you feel more positive, relaxed and aid sleep. Find your signature scent from Organic Choice’s new range of pure soy candles and reed diffusers at Coles