5 Stylish Ways To Make Your Kitchen More Sustainable

5 stylish ways to make your kitchen more sustainable organic choice candles
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From saving money to making it easier to eat healthy, there’s no denying the benefits of cooking at home. But let’s face it — when you have a cluttered, outdated kitchen it doesn’t exactly inspire you to put your apron on. Luckily, you don’t have to give your kitchen an extreme makeover to make it somewhere you actually want to hang out. With just a few stylish essentials, you can transform your cooking hub into a chic sanctuary.

The best part is, all of these must-haves are sustainable and eco-friendly. So, not only are they good for motivating you to get into the kitchen, they’re good for the environment too! Here are the 5 sustainable essentials every stylish kitchen should have:

5 Stylish Ways To Make Your Kitchen More Sustainable french press coffee
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  1. French press

It’s estimated that Australians consume a whopping 1 billion disposable coffee cups each year. These contain plastics do not properly break down, which can have a devastating effect on the environment. While some eco-savvy coffee shops do stock biodegradable cups, making your own french press coffee at home is a far more sustainable (and cheaper) option.

5 Stylish Ways To Make Your Kitchen More Sustainable french pear candle organic choice

  1. Candles

A beautiful scented candle instantly makes any room feel more like a zen sanctuary. Organic Choice’s candles not only come in a selection of tantalising scents like French Pear and Cinnamon Bark, their monochrome packing adds some stylish flair to your kitchen. They’re also naturally derived and free from unsustainable palm oil and petroleum.

5 Stylish Ways To Make Your Kitchen More Sustainable bamboo chopping board
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  1. Bamboo chopping board

Most chopping boards are made out of plastic, an unsustainable material with a short lifespan. While wood is a slight improvement, the best thing you could choose is a bamboo chopping board. Bamboo is considered one of the most sustainable materials on earth, as it requires no chemicals to harvest. Bamboo chopping boards are also sturdy, hygienic and add an eco-chic feel to your home.

5 Stylish Ways To Make Your Kitchen More Sustainable organic choice cleaning multi purpose fridge bin vanity shower

  1. Natural cleaning products

Not only are most traditional cleaning products full of chemicals and toxins, they also don’t usually have the most attractive packaging. Having stylish, matching cleaning products instantly makes your kitchen look more polished. Organic Choice’s natural cleaning products range includes dishwashing liquid, multi-purpose cleaner, hand wash and fridge, dishwasher and bin spray. They also smell amazing, so it will actually make you look forward to cleaning the kitchen!

5 Stylish Ways To Make Your Kitchen More Sustainable composter
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  1. Composter

Yes, compost and style don’t normally go hand in hand. But composting your kitchen scraps is one of the best ways to reduce your kitchen waste and therefore, your carbon footprint. There are actually plenty of composter buckets on the market that are so stylish you’ll want to leave them on the kitchen bench.