5 Steps to Detox Your Home

5 Steps to Detox Your Home

You’ve heard of detoxing your body, but did you know that you can detox your home as well? The average household contains many harmful chemicals, many of which you are unable to see, smell or taste. Taking more time to take note and reduce our exposure to internal and external toxins by detoxing our living spaces will allow our body’s own detoxification process to function more efficiently. Want to get started? Read on…

1. Select a “Detox Your Home” location

Many state governments offer a collection point where you can safely dispose of any nasty chemicals in your home. For example, Victorian residents can follow the link to register and be given access to a free drop off point.

2. Check which items are accepted

While you are able to drop off many common household chemicals for free, there are some items that are not permitted to be dropped off at a Detox Your Home location. Such items include batteries and chemicals used for commercial farming. Be sure to check what can and cannot be brought before you make your visit by visiting this link.

3. Check item labels

Be sure to retain original labels on chemical containers when possible. This will help the sorting process and also ensure nobody is handling something they shouldn’t be. If a toxic chemical you wish to drop off does not have a label, try to create your own with a pen or a marker.

4. Drop off your items

Drop off your items to the Detox Your Home Event. Be sure to be careful when handing your items as safety is the most important thing here. This process usually takes about 10-20 minutes depending on the time of day and the number of people attending.

5. What’s next?

Give yourself a pat on the back, you have made the first step in detoxing your home, and by doing so detoxing your body. You may be thinking what now? You’ve gotten rid of some toxic chemicals in your home, but you still need to clean the kitchen, scrub the bathroom and do the washing tomorrow. The good news is there are many cleaning chemicals on the market that are a healthy replacement for the ones you have recently disposed of. Check out our brands Orange Power, Aware Sensitive, Organic Choice and Actizyme next time you’re at the supermarket!




Have you tried detoxing your home?