5 natural ways to beat stress

5 natural ways to beat stress

In today’s chaotic modern society, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t feel stressed from time to time. Between juggling multiple responsibilities and paying the bills on time, it’s something many of us experience on a daily basis. In small amounts, stress can actually be our friend. Biologically, the body’s stress response was created to alert us to the presence of danger in our immediate environment. So, your body’s ‘flight or fight’ response (that surge of adrenaline you get when you’re stressed) can actually help you meet those seemingly impossible deadlines or fight back in times of peril.

But when stress is constant and prolonged, it can wreak havoc on many aspects your health. Not only can ongoing stress affect your mental wellbeing and lead to health issues, it can also suppress your immune system — so you get every flu and bug going around! When we’re stressed, it can be tempting to reach for greasy junk food or a glass of wine (or three). This can make us feel better for a little while, before ultimately making us feel worse — leading to more stress! Luckily, there are a few natural stress-busters that will leave you feeling cool, calm and collected again in no time.

5 natural ways to beat stress

1. Make a move

Many people turn to exercise as a natural stress-buster and for good reason — it produces endorphins which can boost relaxation. But when it comes to getting active for stress relief, not all forms of exercise are created equal. High intensity interval training (think circuit classes) floods your body with stress hormones, which obviously isn’t ideal when you’re already stressed. Instead,  stick to relaxing activities like yoga, walking or swimming.

2. Smell citrus

Certain aromas can have a powerful impact on our mood. Even just taking a quick whiff of citrus scents like orange, lemon or lime has been proven to alleviate stress. Orange Power’s air fresheners are formulated from pure essential oils and available in orange, lime or lemon myrtle – so they’re the perfect thing to keep on hand for when stress hits.

5 natural ways to beat stress

3. Have a cuppa

Tea has been used as a natural stress reliever for thousands of years. Not only is the act of sipping on a warm beverage relaxing in itself, many teas contain stress-reducing properties. Green and black tea contain the natural relaxant L-theanine, while herbal teas like chamomile, lemon balm and ashwagandha have been proven to have a calming effect.

5 natural ways to beat stress

4. Meditate

When you’re stressed, your mind tends to run wild with worries. This can make it very difficult to drift off at night or stay focused during the day. A great way to quieten the mind and achieve a relaxed, balanced state is through meditation. You don’t have to do it for hours each day to reap the benefits, either. Even just adding 10 minutes of meditation to your morning or night routine (or both) can go a long way in warding off stress.

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5. Have a bath

It’s hard to think of anything more calming than soaking in a hot bath. So, it’s the perfect thing to treat yourself to when you’re feeling overwhelmed and run down. Put your phone in another room, run a bubble bath and light a relaxing scented candle like Organic Choice West Indian Lime and Coconut Pure Soy Candle. As you luxuriate in the tub, your worries will melt away!