4 tips to having an eco-friendly winter 

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Brrr! It’s chilly outside! As we welcome the winter season, we also tend to prepare to spend a little more on electricity bills and winter fashion. But there’s always another way to ‘think green’ about your approach to dealing with the cold! Here are 4 handy tips to having a toasty winter that’s nice to your finances and the environment.


4 tips to having an eco-friendly winter 

1. Buy second-hand

Isn’t it strange that every time a new season rolls around you feel like you have no clothes to wear?! Well never fear, because you can save the environment and your wallet by thrift shopping this winter. Buying fast fashion is extremely bad for the environment, unless you’re buying local and sustainably made clothes they usually don’t last long. Try and hit the second-hand stores and search for some bargains this winter! You’ll be amazed by what you find and the cash you save – which you can obviously spend on more red wine and delicious tea.

4 tips to having an eco-friendly winter 

2. Close the curtains & rug up!

Having insulated and thick curtains in your house helps keep the heat from escaping your windows and cold air seeping in. Make sure to keep your curtains closed when you’re out for the day so you come back to a cosy home! Another pro tip is to invest in some rugs, it’s like having a curtain … for your floor … kind of. Rugs will insulate your room and keep it all the toastier. While we’re on the topic of keeping toasty – invest in good quality thermal garments and a wool throw that you can wrap yourself in when you’re sitting on the couch – you’ll be amazed how much you’ll save in electricity bills!

4 tips to having an eco-friendly winter 

3. Keep your doors closed

Think about what rooms you don’t use in your home and keep those doors closed. If you have your heater going, you really just want to focus on the rooms you will actually be in, like your bedroom and the living room. Keeping the heater on for the whole house will make those bills skyrocket and is certainly not kind to the environment.

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4. Air dry your washing

While it only makes sense to throw your washing into the dryer and retrieve toasty warm clothes an hour later in the winter season; this is one luxury you could try to reduce (as tempting as it is!). Not only does it use a lot of energy to run, you’ll also rack up a hefty energy bill. Try to air dry your clothing either outdoors under cover, or indoors to let the heater dry the clothing naturally. Make your washing routine extra eco-friendly by using Aware Sensitive Laundry Powder; the naturally derived low allergy formula is vegan, palm oil free and doesn’t contain any nasty chemicals – so you’re doing your part for your home and also the environment!

Do you have another winter-warming tip to stay environmentally conscious during the chilly season?
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