4 tips on caring for your baby’s sensitive skin

4 tips on caring for your baby’s sensitive skin

There is a reason people can’t resist stroking babies’ faces and rubbing the tops of their heads, a baby’s skin is beautifully soft and smooth. Baby’s skin can also be extremely sensitive, which means it is very important to take extra care. Here are four tips on caring for baby’s sensitive skin:

  4 tips on caring for your baby’s sensitive skin

1. Less is more

When it comes to bathing your baby, less is more. Considering your baby isn’t running any marathons, and is kept in clean clothes it’s not necessary to be consistently bathing them. Bathing in hot water dries out the skin, and can be taxing on a baby’s sensitive skin. Try switching to bathing your baby a few times a week instead of every single day and use a warm towel or all natural wipes for anytime he or she needs freshening up.

4 tips on caring for your baby’s sensitive skin

2. Check, then check again!

Make sure you always check the ingredients in products you are putting on your baby’s skin! It is extremely surprising that there are a lot of nasty chemicals hiding in common baby skincare products like wipes, body wash and shampoo. Stick to using organic and natural products as often as possible to protect your baby’s skin from harmful infections or allergic reactions.

4 tips on caring for your baby’s sensitive skin
3. Be careful with contact

Make sure to be extra careful with what your baby’s skin comes into contact with. It is important to keep things like bibs and blankets properly washed and dried/aired out before using them on your baby. Always wash everything new that will come into contact with your baby’s skin, be it clothing, blankets, bedding or toys – as some trace chemicals can stick to brand new products. Babies are much more venerable to chemicals than adults, and due to their sensitive skin, they are much more prone to irritation and rashes.

4 tips on caring for your baby’s sensitive skin
4. Consider your detergent

Laundry detergents are often full of harsh chemicals and fragrances, and these ingredients will saturate your baby’s clothes, bibs and blankets, and can cause painful skin irritations. It is important to use a natural washing detergent that is gentle on the skin, ideally free from chemicals such as optical brighteners, artificial fragrances and enzymes. Consider switching to Aware Sensitive’s Laundry Liquid. Its low allergy, dermatologically tested formula is specially designed for babies or those with sensitive skin. The inclusion of low levels of natural essential oil of Rose provides a beautifully fresh and gentle clean.

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