4 Tips to Allergy Proof your Home in the Cooler Months

4 tips to allergy proof your home orange power aware sensitive aware environmental

It can be challenging to distinguish between a cold and allergies during the cooler seasons! But did you know coughing or sneezing is often related to allergies that are aggravated by your home environment. Here are four simple tips to allergy proof your home:

4 tips to allergy proof your home orange power aware sensitive aware environmental

1. Declutter Your House

Removing clutter will help reduce hidden dust and dirt in your home. It also makes it significantly easier to clean up the house! Try and get rid of things you don’t use that pick up a lot of dust, for example old magazines and newspapers. The most important place to focus on is your bedroom – you spend at least 7 hours in there every day, so make every hour allergy-free!

Product Tip: Orange Power Multi Purpose Cleaning Spray to wipe away any dust and dirt, leaving behind a pleasant natural citrus scent.

4 tips to allergy proof your home this winter

2. Weekly Washes

You should be washing your linen (sheets, duvet cover and pillow cases) at least once a week! Not washing them will cause a build-up of dust mites, leading to worsened allergies and if your super unlucky – bed bugs.

Product Tip: Orange Power Multi Purpose Pre-Wash Stain Remover to remove stubborn fabric stains prior to washing. The natural formula won’t harm colourfast materials or woollens, and uses natural fragrances derived from citrus.


4 tips to allergy proof your home orange power aware sensitive aware environmental

3. Make Your Bathroom Sparkle

If left uncleaned your bathroom can become a haven for mould and bacteria – making life harder for people who tend to experience allergy related reactions. Make sure to regularly clean the bathroom with non-toxic cleaner, inspect water pipes for leaks and fix, clean away mould on pipes and fixtures and have a running bathroom ventilation fan.

Product Tip: our Canstar 2018 award winning Orange Power Shower, Bath & Tile Cleaner relies on the natural power of orange oil and fruit acids (instead of petroleum based solvents and bleach) to effectively remove soap scum, water and rust marks, calcium build up and stains without creating harsh fumes. Simply spray and rinse off shower screens, baths, basins, tiles, toilet bowls, taps and chrome faucets.

4 tips for allergy proof home dust mites allergies carpet

4. Keep Your Carpets Clean

Considering how much dust catches in carpet fibres, and the dust and dirt that gets carried through the door, a good quality vacuum cleaner is a life saver when it comes to dust. Since we spend so much time indoors during the colder months, the likelihood of allergy related irritations are higher. A thorough vacuum will be able to catch more allergens and keep your floors in tip-top shape – and keep your pets happy too! Make sure you give your floors a deep and thorough clean with a natural cleaner or carpet shampoo to get rid of old and new stains in the process.

Product Tip: our Canstar award winner Orange Power Carpet & Upholstery Spot Cleaner deodorises carpets, lounge suites and other fabric as it cleans, leaving a natural, fresh citrus fragrance. It removes common stains and is perfectly safe to use on both woollen and synthetic fibres. It can also be used in shampooing machines as an economical, all-over carpet cleaner. Simply dilute at about 8:1 water to Orange Power formula.