3 ways to reduce your eco-footprint this Summer!

Summer is almost over and we’re all making the most of the warm, sunny days and cool, balmy nights.

Seeing as it’s the last month of Summer, here are 3 easy reminders to reduce your eco-footprint between those Piña coladas and beach trips!

Three ways to reduce your eco-footprint this Summer!

1. Ditch the dryer and go cold

Most of the energy used by washing machines comes from generating hot water. Switching to cold water not only helps reduce your eco-footprint but it also extends the life of your clothes! Using the sun to try your clothes will also help get those bills and environmental impact down. If you need an environmentally sustainable laundry detergent Aware Environmental products are sourced from naturally derived ingredients and won’t harm the environment, such as our Aware Sensitive range.

Three ways to reduce your eco-footprint this Summer!

2. Eat in season

Fresh mangos and watermelon?! Get in our bellies! Eating in season is great for the environment, it saves you money and improves your health. Summer is the best time to eat seasonally with all the delicious fruits and vegetables out there. Visiting your local market is a great place to source seasonal fruits and vegetables without a hefty price tag. If you don’t live close to a market you can google search what is in season and hit the supermarket!

Three ways to reduce your eco-footprint this Summer!

3. Ease up on that Air Con

We all love coming home to a cool house when its sweltering outside – but air conditioners are terribly bad for the environment. If you work full time or are going out for the day, remember to always switch off the air con. If you’re staying home, try to focus on cooling one room instead of the whole house. To keep the house cool, make sure you close all your doors and curtains/blinds when you go out. Keeping the air conditioner running all day is going to send your eco-footprint skyrocketing. And remember – your wallet will thank you for it!


To re-cap:
1. Dry your clothes naturally
2. Enjoy fresh seasonal fruits and veggies
3. Turn off the air conditioner as much as possible

So, there you go – you can have a wonderful summer while being friendly to the environment.

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