3 Ways ‘Going Green’ Can Save You Money

 3 ways ‘going green’ can save you money aware environmental

At this time of year, our hip pockets can get a little light with Christmas gift shopping on everyone’s mind. ‘Going green’ can save you some money to spend on life’s little pleasures during the silly season.

There are a few major misconceptions that stop many people from adopting greener lifestyles. One is that it needs to be an ‘all or nothing’ thing— that you’d have to sell all your belongings and wear a hessian sack in order to do it. Another is that it’s difficult and time-consuming — but we know that thanks to these apps that doesn’t need to be the case. But perhaps the biggest reason more people don’t go green is that they believe it’s expensive.

Quite frankly, it’s not hard to see why this is such a common misconception. You only have to look at some of the overpriced organic, ethical products in certain health foods stores to see why this is the case! But the thing is, living a more ethical, eco-friendly lifestyle doesn’t have to so expensive it requires you to mortgage your home. In fact, it can actually save you big bucks the long run! Here’s how:

3 ways ‘going green’ can save you money aware environmental
1. You’ll save on transport

If you drive to work, how much does it cost you each week? We’re willing to bet the answer is “way too much!” Not only is driving the most expensive form of transport, it also happens to be the least sustainable and environmentally-friendly — with cars accounting for 10% of Australia’s total greenhouse gas emissions each year. Buying a ‘green’ car, car-pooling or catching public transport are all ways you can save money and reduce your environmental impact during your commute. However, the best options are walking or riding a bike where possible. Not only will it reduce your carbon footprint, it’s pretty much free and will save you a lot of money!

3 ways ‘going green’ can save you money aware environmental
2. You’ll spend less on food

One of the easiest ways to live a greener and more sustainable lifestyle is to reconsider your food consumption habits. With the average Australian household throwing out $1036 each year, it’s not hard to see how reducing your food wastage could save you some serious coin. Another easy way to reduce your grocery bills by literally going green. Don’t worry, we’re not going to suggest you go vegetarian (although opting for veg-based meals a few times a week is a great way to be more environmentally-friendly!) No, we’re talking about developing a green thumb by growing some of your own produce. Not only will it reduce the amount you spend on fruit and veg, you can even use the app RipeNearMe to sell whatever you don’t eat!

3 ways ‘going green’ can save you money aware environmental
3. It’ll reduce your energy bills

Most of us fork out far more than we’d like to on gas and electricity. Luckily, some of the small changes that help you reduce your carbon footprint are easier on your wallet, too! This includes things like switching to more energy efficient appliances, remembering to turn off your lights when you’re not using them, swapping to energy saving light bulbs (which last for much longer) and saving the air conditioner and heating for rare occasions. Another massive drain on your gas bill is washing your clothes in hot water. Our environmentally-friendly Aware Sensitive Laundry Range allows you to wash your clothes in cold water only and you’ll still get a perfect clean every time!