Orange Power Sticky Spot & Goo Dissolver

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  • Specialty product for sticky and gooey spots
  • Dissolvings pots quickly and effectively
  • Key ingredient is orange oil, leaving a natural citrus fragrance
  • Dilute with water for delicate surfaces


Orange Power Sticky Spot & Goo Dissolver relies on the natural orange oil and other citrus fruit in high concentrations for its high performance. It removes sticky label and glue residue, chewing gum, tar and wax, lipstick, crayon, blutack, grease and oils, fat buildup, adhesives and sealants.

This specialty product is safe to use on most surfaces but care must be taken on delicate surfaces including leather, suede and silk, painted surfaces and some plastics (i.e. DVD covers) as d-Limonene (orange oil)works extremely quickly. We always recommend testing the product on an inconspicuous spot to see if dilution is needed.