ACTIZYME Pellets 100g

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  • Natural formula using enzymes
  • The only safe and effective product to use in septic systems
  • Safe for use in all household drains, septic tanks, grease traps and toilets
  • Improvements within 24 hours, but regular usage provides best results
  • 100% safe for grey water use


Clear up the problem of blocked drains and bad odours quickly and easily with safe, natural and environmentally responsible ACTIZYME drain cleaning pellets.

This product uses a blend of different enzymes that act by breaking down and digesting organic waste matter into smaller molecules which naturally occurring bacteria can then easily convert into mainly water and CO2.

This is a far better long term alternative to caustic based drain cleaners that offer little residual effect and actually kill off the good enzymes/bacteria in your septic system that often contribute to the return of unpleasant odours and subsequent blocking.