Orange Power 3x Laundry Powder

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  • High performance triple enzyme laundry powder
  • Ultra concentrated formula with no fillers
  • Superior performance in cold water
  • Contains natural fabric softener
  • No sensitising agents like optical brighteners or dyes
  • Phosphate free


Orange Power 3x Laundry Powder uses a triple enzyme formula to help break down and eliminate protein, fats and starch stains including blood, milk, urine, butter, oil and grease, cosmetics, grass and perspiration. Lasting 20 washes for top loaders and 40 washes for front loaders, this ultra-concentrated powder doesn’t use unnecessary fillers like Sodium Sulphate that add bulk to a powder without any real performance benefits.Orange Power 3x Laundry Powder contains natural fabric softener from Bentonite beads (a natural mineral), meaning your clothes will show a significant softness increase over time. It also avoids optical brightener, dyes or petrochemical derived ingredients that can trigger allergies in adults and children.